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Regular podcasts of the entire Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records in Old English:Anglo-Saxon Aloud

Beowulf in Old English, 3-CD Set: Beowulf Aloud

JRR Tolkien's Beowulf and the Critics

How Tradition Works

Tolkien Studies

Wormtalk and Slugspeak

Beowulf Aloud Merchandise

Poems in Old English, Modern English Translations and Commentary by Michael D.C. Drout

2-CD set includes introductory lecture, ten poems in Old English, ten translation and ten commentaries.

Poems include Cædmon's Hymn, The Battle of Brunanburh, The Wanderer, The Ruin, The Wife's Lament,

Wulf and Eadwacer, Deor, The Fortunes of Men, Riddle 47 (Book-Moth), and the Dream of the Rood.

Total time is approximately two hours.

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